26 August 2009: LPGLI Licensing Policy

Over time LPGLI has been approached by many companies internationally enquiring about its technology. We positively welcome approaches from all parties with the vision and the capacity to promote and market our technology in their local markets.

Certain aspects of our technology have patent protection in Australia and in certain other markets internationally, and we expect to make successful applications for further patent protection in the future. A number of technical advances made during development are now close to being finalised for inclusion in the next round of patent applications.

We see patent protection as a vital part of our intellectual property portfolio and due reward for the advances - generally very significant in a commercial sense - we have been able to make during development. We have therefore taken any suggestion of infringement seriously, and will continue to do so, in defence of our commercial interests and those of our licensees.

Contrary to what has sometimes been suggested in the past, we intend to make our own product available shortly, and further details will be made available from time to time on our web site. It has never been the case that we our patents simply as a means of raising passive revenue from licensing activities. This is why (as mentioned above) we welcome approaches from prospective partners.

At the date of this announcement we have licensing and distribution arrangements as follows:

Enquiries from any person interested in a licensing or distribution arrangement should be made to John Martin, Company secretary.

26 August 2009: Last Lap for LPGLI System Before Commercial Launch

Following successful extended road testing of the new improved LI (liquid injection) system the final phase of work is now being undertaken before the product is ready for commercial launch.

The main tasks remaining are minor technical adjustments and confirmation of supply arrangements while the product itself is submitted for on-road certification.

As a result we expect that initial product will become commercially available before the end of the year. In the first instance we will be focusing on the after-market (ie vehicle conversions) and already have indicative orders from a number of commercial customers. We expect OEM take-up to follow in due course and intend to leave any further announcement till after OEMs have made their own plans public.

Certain features of the current version of the system involve further technical advances that we believe are patentable. We have already lodged patent applications for some of the advancements to secure appropriate protection both in Australia and internationally with future patent applications to be lodged in the near future. This will be done before details the system are disclosed or it is submitted for on-road certification.

The first certification will be for the Ford Territory - this was the test vehicle that recently successfully completed the Melbourne-Brisbane return trip. Other vehicle types will then follow.

For further information please contact John Martin, Company secretary.

26 August 2009: Successful Road Tour for LPGLI Car

Our current LPG vehicle, an LPG-powered Ford Territory, has successfully passed the latest stage of its extended test programme having completed a round trip from Melbourne, via Canberra and Sydney, to Brisbane and back. In each of these cities it was demonstrated to a number of our commercial supporters and generally impressed one and all with its how it performed.

The vehicle is fitted with the latest version of our single-fuel LI (liquid injection) system. This is based on our proven LI technology (originally developed from 1990) which is proven on the road and has been commercially available in Europe and certain other countries for some years. It is also available in Australia through Australian LPG Warehouse Pty Ltd who hold a non-exclusive licence from us for vehicle conversions in the local after-market.

Our current LPG vehicle represents the next generation of LI technology and has been under development since 2005. The current test program is now nearing completion and has resulted in significant further improvements to the system currently available through Australian LPG Warehouse Pty Ltd. These relate in particular to fuel injection and dynamic control of combustion and eliminate the need for recalibration of the system to take account of variances in the composition of LPG used and local climate conditions.

Overall the result is one we are very pleased with - an extremely fuel-efficient and very practical single-fuel system that we expect will soon be commercially available.

For further information please contact John Martin, Company secretary.